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Ethel & Deby: Gifted LOCABA Pioneers

When LOCABA started in 2019, these two bakers immediately came on board. And now, some 30,000 LOCABA cakes later, Ethel and Deby are still the pillars at our artisan Singapore bakery – although they probably didn’t know three years ago what…

LOCABA at Takashimaya!

locaba takashimaya 2

This is an invitation that you can’t turn down! We are honoured to be chosen by Takashimaya to have a kiosk at the B2 Food Hall during “The Great Shiok Sale”. Drop by from 4th to 17th July to find…

D2L: 2nd Life for Unsellable Trimmings

d2l locaba cake trimming

Divert for 2nd Life – D2L is a Singaporean rescue group that not only helps avoid waste. Products from F&B businesses that are unsellable because of damaged packaging etc. but are still edible are collected and brought to needy/low income/retrenched…

Health & Sustainability: New Plant-Based Treats

vegan nuttylah cupcakes 3

First things first: please excuse the long breaks in between these blogposts. We are super-busy with exciting developments around your favorite low-carb bakery. 😉 We are continuously experimenting and expanding our list of plant-based products. We started our vegan cakes…

Happy Birthday, Darren!

Darren was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor (also known as nephroblastoma, a rare kind of kidney cancer that affects children) in December 2018. He was only three years old then. As a consequence, Darren had to undergo surgery to remove the…

Un-guilt Your Cutlery!


Only a few more weeks until LOCABA Vegan Gelato will be available for order! (As already mentioned, you can already try it at Erwin’s Gastrobar). As always, this product is all about flavor, but it’s also a gelato innovation that…

Special Delivery Timing on 24 + 25 December

We’re sorry but there will not be special delivery time for period 24th-25th December, and special delivery time option will resume after 25th. Your orders will be delivered within the selected window time frame during the Xmas festive period. Expected…