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Health & Sustainability: New Plant-Based Treats

First things first: please excuse the long breaks in between these blogposts. We are super-busy with exciting developments around your favorite low-carb bakery. 😉

We are continuously experimenting and expanding our list of plant-based products. We started our vegan cakes as an add-on quality to our low-carb desserts out of a sustainability perspective. These fully plant-based treats were immediately embraced by our LOCABA community. That’s why we keep “translating” our most popular products to vegan versions.

So, please, ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for our new Vegan Carrot Cake. Our newest plant-based sister of one of our best sellers.

vegan carrot cake2
Layers of nutty carrot & walnut sponge and velvety vegan cream cheese frosting.

Ethel, our Head Chef and a true master of delicious innovation, found a way to create a hazelnut cream that like all our desserts is made without table sugar and also contains only plant-based ingredients. You won’t “believe” your taste buds that our brand-new super yummy Vegan Nutty-Lah Cupcakes is low-carb and vegan!

vegan nuttylah cupcakes 4
We have un-guilt a well-loved treat: hazelnut & chocolate ganache paired with a soft chocolate sponge.

At the moment, we are teaming up with new partners, so we can offer our treats through even more channels in Singapore! We will keep you posted! Promise. 😉