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Dairy-Free Cakes and Desserts


  • vegan orange chocolate cake 4

    Vegan Orange Chocolate Cake

  • vegan dark choc raspberry 2023_4

    Vegan Dark Choc Raspberry Cake

  • custom cake locaba birthday

    Artisan Custom Cakes

  • vegan nuttylah cupcakes 3

    Vegan Nutty-Lah Cupcakes

  • vegan carrot cake2

    Vegan Carrot Cake

  • choc gelato tub3

    Vegan Dark Chocolate Gelato Party Tub

  • salted caramel crumble cake2

    Vegan Salted Caramel Crumb Cake

  • vegan tiramisu 4

    Vegan Tiramisu

  • vegan chocolate sunflower cookies3

    Vegan Chocolate Sunflower Cookies

  • vegan pistachio mango cake 6

    Vegan Pistachio Mango Cake

  • vegan vanilla sunflower cookies4

    Vegan Vanilla Sunflower Cookies

  • vegan choc sponge cake premix 1

    Vegan Chocolate Sponge Cake Pre-Mix

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  • Vegan Valrhona Chocolate Cake

  • vegan peanut butter cookies 4

    Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

  • vegan soft cookies 4

    Vegan Soft Cookies

  • SOLD OUT bento vegan carrot cake 3

    Vegan Carrot Bento Cake

  • vegan black forest cake3

    Vegan Black Forest Cake

  • vegan chocolate pecan cake 1

    Vegan Chocolate Pecan Cake

  • Vegan Black Forest Cake Jar

  • vegan tiramisu jar 4

    Vegan Tiramisu Jar Dessert

  • locaba custom wedding cake 1

    LOCABA’s Healthy Custom Cakes

  • SOLD OUT easter vegan blueberry crumble muffins 3

    Easter 2024 Special: Vegan Blueberry Crumble Muffins (available from March, 11th)

Delighting in Dairy-Free: A Guide to Dairy-Free Cakes and Desserts in Singapore

The Rise of Dairy-Free Desserts

If you want to avoid milk and milk-based products, you will best choose LOCABA’s dairy-free cakes. These cakes are free from a series of ingredients, not only milk. Dairy-free also implies that no butter, cheese (also Mascarpone), curd cheese, yogurt and cream is contained.

From a nutrition perspective, it is discussed if dairy has a negative effect. (Especially if you don’t consume huge amounts.) But people with lactose intolerance and milk allergy can experience symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhea. Especially for these foodies, we at LOCABA also offer a dairy-free cake line. These are cakes without milk, butter, cheese… Most of them are vegan cakes meaning that they also do not contain any eggs (see eggless cakes).

In Singapore, the trend towards dairy-free desserts is more than just a fad; it’s a reflection of a growing awareness of dietary choices and their impact on health. Dairy-free options cater to those with lactose intolerance, allergies, or a preference for plant-based diets, like the variety found in LOCABA’s vegan cakes and desserts. The health benefits of going dairy-free include improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and better skin health.

We can observe a growing demand for vegan products especially among young health and sustainability aware customers. That’s why we created our bestsellers like the Vegan Dark Choc Raspberry Cake that’s fully plant-based, of course, and even nut-free!

Custom Dairy-Free Cakes for Every Occasion

Special occasions call for special cakes, and LOCABA’s custom dairy-free cakes offer an array of choices for everyone, ensuring that dietary preferences don’t limit the celebration. From birthdays to anniversaries, these cakes cater to all with the promise of flavor, creativity, and inclusivity.

Baking Made Easy: Dairy-Free Pre-Mixes

For the home baker, the journey of baking dairy-free treats is made simpler with LOCABA’s vegan pre-mixes. These pre-mixes provide a convenient, fool-proof way to bake at home, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their baking passion without dairy concerns.

Embracing Health with LOCAR

LOCABA’s core philosophy is to produce delicious treats that are low-carb cakes and no refined sugar is added to these desserts. This makes them diabetic-friendly cakes.

We use our in-house developed sweetener LOCAR:

  • 99% less metabolized carbs than table sugar
  • Calorie-free
  • Not cariogenic – good for your and your kids’ teeth
  • No blood sugar spikes – diabetic-friendly
  • Full & familiar taste, texture and mouthfeel.

Seamless Shipping and Delivery

Accessing dairy-free desserts has never been easier, thanks to LOCABA’s efficient shipping and delivery services. Whether it’s a planned event or a last-minute craving, LOCABA ensures that your dairy-free desserts are delivered to your doorstep, fresh and ready to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a dessert dairy-free?

Dairy-free desserts are made without any dairy products, such as milk, butter, or cream, making them suitable for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

2. Are dairy-free desserts also healthy?

Dairy-free desserts can be healthier, especially when made with nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients. They’re often lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

With the goal to keep it low-carb we avoid highly glycemic ingredients – ingredients that cause blood sugar spikes. Flours are usually highly glycemic, especially wheat flour. As we also don’t use wheat flour and similar flours, we bake gluten-free cakes.

Instead of grain flours LOCABA uses mainly ground nuts and nuts flour (like coconut flour, – please see nutrition information to each cake). This radically reduces the amount of carbs, bringing the amount of good fats up at the same time. This is the basic idea of a ketogenic nutrition making our cakes keto cakes.

3. Can I find a variety of flavors in dairy-free desserts?

Absolutely! LOCABA dairy-free desserts come in a wide range of flavors, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

4. Are dairy-free options available for custom cakes?

Yes, LOCABA offers custom dairy-free cakes to cater to specific dietary needs and preferences.

5. Is it possible to order dairy-free desserts online?

LOCABA has become the number one address in Singapore for foodies with dietary preferences. Of course, you can order all our products online and have them delivered. Please choose for your convenience self pickup or islandwide delivery in Singapore at checkout and select date and time-slot!

Please also see LOCABA’s shipping and delivery service.