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Real Taste – Unreal Carbs!

You can now order one of LOCABA’s secret ingredients for your use at home: LOCAR, our in-house developed special healthy “sugar”.

Unlike other table sugar alternatives, our LOCAR has a familiar taste and the right mouthfeel. How come? Because technically it contains sugar: one of the ingredients is Allulose from the fructose in beet sugar. In nature, Allulose occurs in dried figs, kiwis, and raisins.

The special Allulose we use comes from Germany, is 100% biodegradable and GMO-free.

For taste reasons we combine this Allulose with Monkfruit sweetener.

Here’s the trick that makes LOCAR so special: although tasting like sugar, it doesn’t behave like sugar in your body:

The carbs and calories contained are discarded without being metabolized. So you can enjoy the taste but your body won’t store the carbs and calories. This prevents spikes of your blood sugar level, and this also has no effect on your energy balance.

On top of that it is not cariogenic, so it doesn’t harm your teeth or your kids’ teeth. LOCAR is perfect for baking, cooking and to enjoy with your coffee or tea.

Curious? Here you can order LOCAR!

Of course, we use LOCAR for our famous low-carb cakes and vegan desserts.