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D2L: 2nd Life for Unsellable Trimmings

Divert for 2nd Life – D2L is a Singaporean rescue group that not only helps avoid waste. Products from F&B businesses that are unsellable because of damaged packaging etc. but are still edible are collected and brought to needy/low income/retrenched families, single moms, migrant workers and others who have fallen through the cracks. Some of the rescuers are beneficiaries themselves, and are also passionate enough about reducing food waste and sharing food with others who need it as well.

Besides supporting communities, there is also a sustainability aspect to it: For every 3kg of food that is rescued, an estimated 7.5kg of CO2 is saved.

LOCABA is a longstanding proud partner of D2L. Our low-carb cake trimmings that we normally would discard at the end of the day are rescued by this amazing team and get a 2nd life. Of course, this also contributes to our ongoing quest with vegan desserts and even edible forks to be more sustainable and to cut wastage.

And to see a posting like this warms our (low-carb) heart.

Thank you D2L for your wonderful work!

Here you find information if you also want to contribute to this initiative!