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Happy Birthday, Darren!

Darren was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor (also known as nephroblastoma, a rare kind of kidney cancer that affects children) in December 2018. He was only three years old then. As a consequence, Darren had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor that was already almost 11 cm big along with the entire left kidney and some lymph nodes nearby. After that he went through more than four months of chemotherapy.

Today, Darren is in remission but requires close monitoring from his team of oncologists and renal specialists. And, of course, healthy nutrition also plays an important role to support Darren’s brave body. Especially low-carb/keto nutrition today is widely considered to inhibit tumor growth and reduce the risk of cancer development.

The Make A Wish Foundation planned a very special birthday party for Darren’s seventh birthday, with cake and everything. What an honor for us at LOCABA that we have been contacted to contribute a special low-carb cake!

As Darren’s has a favorite animal, we created a very special low-carb penguin custom cake.

Tiara (Chief LOCABA Officer and co-creator of the penguin cake), birthday boy Darren, Martin (LOCABA Asia founder).

Thank you, Make A Wish Foundation, for giving LOCABA the chance to contribute!

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