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LOCABA – LOw CArb BAkery

Why low-carb cakes and desserts? We agree with all renowned experts in the field of nutrition: the future of healthy food lies in the reduction of carbohydrates.

Have you ever asked yourself: Why is it that indulgence of desserts always goes hand in hand with a bad conscience? It doesn’t have to be that way!

After many years of research and experimenting with hundreds of ingredients LOCABA has the groundbreaking knowledge to produce cakes that guarantee guilt-free delight.

LOCABA cakes and desserts

  • help you to stay in shape – as they contain no household or refined sugar and are metabolism optimized.
  • are good for your teeth (and your kids’ teeth!) – as they don’t cause teeth decay
    (they are not cariogenic).
  • don’t cause fatigue – as they avoid blood sugar peaks.
  • have anti-aging effects – as they contain no pro-inflammatory ingredients
    (in contrast to conventional sweets) but many antioxidants.
  • can even be recommended to diabetics – as they are blood sugar stable!

How does LOCABA achieve these effects

Our low-carb Bakery combines the advantages of

  • not adding household or refined sugar,  
  • gluten free/grain free ingredients and, of course,
  • low carb nutrition,

Our desserts combine various nutritional trends, especially low-carb, and can contribute to paleo and ketogenic diets.

How do we achieve these positive effects? Among other things by “clean baking” and completely banning harmful ingredients from LOCABA products that are omnipresent in conventional sweets: low-nutrient cheap and highly glycemic ingredients such as wheat flour, household sugar, and chemicals to make the dough rise, artificial prolongation of shelf life, as well as flavor enhancers. 

LOCABA desserts are “functional food” because, in addition to valuable proteins and essential fatty acids, the body is also provided with a high proportion of valuable antioxidants.

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Low carb, gluten free, ketogenic..? There are many buzzwords around in this field. LOCABA aims not only to provide you with healthy, guilt-free, delicious sweets through our Low Carb Bakery – but also with knowledge!

We offer all sorts of information on this website (see our FAQ section) – to question habits, educate and inspire.

Why? Because we are convinced: the time is ripe for a dessert-revolution.