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LOCAR is LOCABA’s in house developed calorie-free sugar.


  • 99% less metabolized carbs than table sugar
  • Calorie-free
  • Not cariogenic – good for your and your kids’ teeth
  • No blood sugar spikes – diabetic-friendly
  • Full & familiar taste, texture and mouthfeel

Real Sugar – Unreal Carbs

How come that LOCAR tastes and feels like sugar? Because it technically contains sugar (monosaccharide). But the carbs and calories contained are discarded without being metabolized. So you can enjoy the taste but your body won’t store the carbs and calories. This prevents spikes of your blood sugar level and this also has no effect on your energy balance.

Of course, LOCAR perfectly contributes to the established qualities of our low-carb cakes, diabetic-friendly cakes, gluten-free cakes and keto cakes. LOCAR doesn’t contain any animal based ingredients and therefore also matches our line of vegan cakes. And above all it contributes to our desserts’ famous taste!

LOCAR is based on a special Allulose which is a purely plant-based raw material from sugar beets that also occurs naturally in dried figs, kiwis and raisins. For more information also see our FAQ page!