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About Markus

LOCABA’s Mastermind

Austrian-born Markus Berndt is the inventor, founder and mastermind of LOCABA.

In 2012, the former top manager was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But he refused to surrender to the diagnosis with its implication as a dead-end journey into a life of limits.

Markus changed his entire lifestyle and embarked on a long quest of research, exchange and discussions with experts (from local doctors and scientists to US bodybuilders and to top-level representatives of European Diabetes-Associations) and self-experiments.

Soon he devoted his life to this newfound mission: to cure himself and to prove that Type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease.

Cure With Delight – And Benefits for All!

Markus and his feature in the book “Medkitchen”, an official publication by the Medical Association of Vienna.

This mission included – against all odds – good food. Markus was convinced that it’s possible to rebuild dishes so that they taste great AND are optimized for the human metabolism. For six years Markus experimented with hundreds of ingredients and thousands of combinations, always checking their effect on his blood sugar level. Throughout this process he collected an enormous amount of data and a unique know-how…

… a know-how that enabled him to create the unique recipes of LOCABA desserts where Markus manages to combine the rich pastry tradition of Vienna’s Kaffeehaus-Kultur with positive health effects.

As these LOCABA desserts are blood sugar stable, they are diabetic-friendly cakes and suitable for diabetes prevention. In addition, they have a collection of further positive effects for all health-conscious consumers: anti-aging, not cariogenic (no tooth decay), help you keep in shape, and since the sweets don’t cause blood sugar peaks, they also don’t cause fatigue.

Expert Through Self-Experimenting

Today Markus is considered as “cured” (without ever having taken insulin) and is recognized in German speaking countries as one of the leading experts in the field of nutrition and lifestyle induced diabetes.

He is a bestselling author and with his lectures and seminars has led hundreds of interested people out of their lifestyle dead end.

Markus is featured in numerous media, and his website is one of the most popular forums for diabetics in German speaking countries.

From Austria to Singapore

The renowned Singaporean hospitality group, Ponte Group, discovered the treasure of Markus’ recipes and know-how. That’s why you can now indulge in these one-of-a-kind totally guilt-free delicious desserts as fresh local products with comfortable island-wide delivery.

Experience the pleasure for your palate AND for your whole body!

Indulge in our delicious product range of low-carb cakes and gluten-free cakes which are also desserts suitable for keto nutrition. Of course, no refined sugar is added in our cakes.