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Ethel & Deby: Gifted LOCABA Pioneers

When LOCABA started in 2019, these two bakers immediately came on board. And now, some 30,000 LOCABA cakes later, Ethel and Deby are still the pillars at our artisan Singapore bakery – although they probably didn’t know three years ago what would be expected at the “low-carb bakery”.

Of course, it’s about fantastic taste and the perfect look of the products. But above that, baking for LOCABA means you are not allowed to use flour or table sugar. And this is what most desserts are based on!

Today, Ethel (on photo: right), who in her career has already been working in some high-profile F&B places the likes of Pan Pacific Hotel or Garibaldi Singapore is not only an expert in palate-pampering but also in analyzing, sourcing and calculating ingredients and their nutrition information. Modern metabolism optimized baking does take at least as many hours in front of spreadsheets as in front of the oven. πŸ˜‰

Throughout the years Ethel (Singapore born) – together with her team – has developed a one-of-a-kind range of low-carb cakes and even vegan low-carb desserts. And it seems, she never runs out of ideas – just check out our new Singapore National Day Special Vegan Cake!

locaba custom cake debbie

Deby (Deby Meliana Kusumawati) has a truly special gift when it comes to aesthetics and brining to life a customer’s vision. Maybe because – apart from her baking career – she also attended workshops on food photography. This could explain her magic hands creating pieces of art like this recent custom cake (see above).

Thanks, Ethel and Deby, for your fantastic job from the whole LOCABA team and on behalf of many, many health-conscious sweet tooths in Singapore!