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Diabetic-Friendly Cakes & Desserts

All LOCABA cakes and desserts are diabetic friendly. Although our bakery never compromises on taste, all our treats are low-carb.


  • vegan dark choc raspberry 2023_4

    Vegan Dark Choc Raspberry Cake

    From $78.00 Select options
  • vegan tiramisu 4

    Vegan Tiramisu

    From $78.00 Select options
  • Vegan Valrhona Chocolate Cake

    From $78.00 Select options
  • vegan tiramisu jar 4

    Vegan Tiramisu Jar Dessert

  • SOLD OUT black forest 3

    Low-Carb Black Forest Cake

    From $74.40 Select options
  • vegan pistachio mango cake 6

    Vegan Pistachio Mango Cake

    From $86.50 Select options
  • earl grey vanilla 1

    Earl Grey Vanilla Low-Carb Cake

    From $78.00 Select options
  • vegan carrot cake2

    Vegan Carrot Cake

    From $86.40 Select options
  • salted caramel crumble cake2

    Vegan Salted Caramel Crumb Cake

    From $88.00 Select options
  • vegan black forest cake3

    Vegan Black Forest Cake

    From $86.40 Select options
  • vegan nuttylah cupcakes 3

    Vegan Nutty-Lah Cupcakes

  • lemon cheesecake 5

    Lemon Cheesecake

    From $74.40 Select options
  • Vegan Black Forest Cake Jar

  • SOLD OUT bento vegan carrot cake 3

    Vegan Carrot Bento Cake

    $45.60 Read more
  • vegan soft cookies 4

    Vegan Soft Cookies

  • vegan chocolate sunflower cookies3

    Vegan Chocolate Sunflower Cookies

  • vegan vanilla sunflower cookies4

    Vegan Vanilla Sunflower Cookies

  • low carb sandwich bread 7

    Low-Carb Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

  • vegan peanut butter cookies 4

    Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

  • locar 3


  • vegan orange chocolate cake 4

    Vegan Orange Chocolate Cake

    From $98.00 Select options
  • vegan choc sponge cake premix 1

    Vegan Chocolate Sponge Cake Pre-Mix

  • Vegan Blueberry Crumble Muffins

  • vegan chocolate pecan cake 1

    Vegan Chocolate Pecan Cake

    From $93.00 Select options
  • fathers day cake 2024 2

    Father’s Day Cake 2024: Chocolate Cheesecake

    From $75.00 Select options
  • lowcarb bread loaf premix1

    Low-Carb Gluten-Free Loaf Bread Pre-Mix

  • vegan blueberry coconut cake3

    Vegan Blueberry Coconut Cake

    From $88.00 Select options
  • three tier low carb locaba cake 10

    1 – 2 – 3 Tier Party Champion

    $380.00 Add to basket
  • baby full month box4

    Baby Full Month Box

  • choc gelato tub3

    Vegan Dark Chocolate Gelato Party Tub

  • custom cake locaba birthday

    Artisan Custom Cakes

  • locaba custom wedding cake 1

    LOCABA’s Healthy Custom Cakes

Savoring Sweetness Safely: Diabetic Friendly Cakes and Desserts in Singapore

Understanding Diabetic Friendly Desserts

It’s a simple rule: The higher the level of carbohydrates in a dish, the more the sugar level in your blood rises. If you consume a significant amount of sugar (which is a pure carbohydrate) and/or other carbohydrates, you will experience a blood sugar peak. This typically occurs with conventional desserts.

Diabetics should avoid these said blood sugar peaks. LOCABA low-carb cakes and desserts don’t trigger these spikes, as they don’t push your blood sugar level up.

To be more precise – our definition of “blood sugar stable” requires that two hours after consumption of a product (also called postprandial) the blood sugar level has not risen more than 20% of its initial value. Equivalent sweets usually cause a postprandial blood sugar rise of at least 50%.

According to our experience (and the experience of our customers) the blood sugar level often doesn’t rise at all after the consumption of LOCABA cakes that contain no refined sugar. In our bakery we also use almond as an important ingredient, which has even a blood sugar lowering effect!

In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, especially for those managing diabetes, the concept of diabetic friendly desserts has gained significant importance in Singapore. Diabetic friendly desserts are crafted to minimize the impact on blood sugar levels, using ingredients like low-glycemic sweeteners and high-fiber flours. These alternatives not only cater to diabetic dietary needs but also offer delicious choices for anyone looking to reduce sugar intake.

Custom Cakes for Special Dietary Needs

Recognizing the unique dietary requirements of diabetics, LOCABA offers custom cake options that are tailor-made to suit these needs. These cakes are not just about avoiding table sugar; they focus on overall nutritional value, incorporating ingredients that are diabetic friendly while still delivering on taste and texture.

A Sweet Surprise for Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day 2024 with LOCABA’s delectable Chocolate Cheesecake. This delightful treat features a rich, creamy cheesecake perfectly balanced with a crunchy salted crumble base, making it an irresistible indulgence for any dad with a sweet tooth. Crafted with a low-carb philosophy, it allows your father to enjoy his special day without any guilt. Available in three sizes to suit any celebration, this Father’s Day Cake promises to make the day extra special. Don’t miss out on this luxurious dessert that embodies love and care in every bite.

The Joy of Baking at Home: Diabetic Friendly Pre-Mixes

For those who prefer the warmth of home-baked goods, LOCABA’s diabetic friendly pre-mixes offer a convenient solution. These pre-mixes simplify the baking process without compromising taste or the dietary requirements essential for diabetic health. They are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the baking experience with the assurance of diabetic-friendly ingredients.

LOCAR: Revolutionizing Desserts for Diabetics

At the heart of LOCABA’s mission is the in-house developed sweetener LOCAR, a pioneering step in redefining desserts for diabetics. LOCAR makes desserts possible that are enjoyable for everyone without the worry of blood sugar spikes. LOCAR has 99% less metabolized carbs than table sugar and is calorie-free.

Efficient and Reliable Shipping and Delivery

With a focus on convenience and accessibility, LOCABA’s shipping and delivery services ensure that diabetic friendly desserts are just a click away. Whether it’s a celebration or a simple treat, LOCABA makes sure your diabetic friendly desserts arrive fresh and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a dessert diabetic friendly?

Diabetic friendly desserts are made with low-glycemic ingredients that have minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

2. Can diabetic friendly cakes taste as good as regular cakes?

Absolutely! With the right ingredients and baking techniques, diabetic friendly cakes can be just as delicious.

3. Is it safe for non-diabetics to eat diabetic friendly desserts?

Low-carb nutrition and therefore the whole product portfolio of low-carb cakes and desserts from our LOCABA Singapore bakery is also a good idea for non-diabetics. Why? Avoiding blood sugar peaks means that after a meal the blood sugar doesn’t drop which causes the classic fatigue after a meal. With LOCABA cakes and desserts out of our healthy bakery you don’t have this tiring effect.

Good for the figure and for teeth – LOCABA cakes are the perfect healthy custom birthday cakes also for kids!

4. Do you offer gluten-free diabetic friendly desserts?

Yes, all LOCABA cakes and desserts are gluten-free! So they cater to both diabetic and gluten-free dietary needs.

5. Can I order custom diabetic friendly cakes for special occasions?

Certainly! Customization allows for tailor-made cakes suited to diabetic dietary requirements.