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LOCABAfy Your Product!

Over the years, LOCABA has gained unique know-how in the transformation of F&B products into new guilt-free versions without compromising in taste.

We are pioneers in the use of new (guilt-free) sugar products and sweeteners that can fully replace table sugar with its negative health effects. We are able to produce delicious low-carb cakes and desserts without the main ingredients of conventional desserts: sugar and flour. And to top it off, we have even developed techniques and recipes to do all this with plant-based ingredients only!

Go Guilt-free – “by LOCABA”

LOCABA is here to work with your company to make your products guilt-free.  Some examples of how we can do that:

  • By taking your well loved treats (sweet or savory) & making it low-carb, gluten free, diabetic friendly & even vegan
  • Making your best selling items diabetic friendly, with our “sugar” LOCAR that has 97% less calories and 99% less carbs than regular table sugar

LOCABA as a Service – please don’t hesitate to contact us!