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LOCABA Gelato: Get Ready for Super-Yummy Vegan Low-Carb Ice Cream!

After a big tasting last week of our LOCABA Gelato, we are 100% sure we have arrived at the final stages of our R&D work! Here’s a glance at our top-secret prototypes that will change the game and finally un-guilt your ice cream pleasure!

To start with, we “translated” some of our bestselling flavors of our vegan cakes into an ice cream version. So, please give it up for:

  • Vegan dark chocolate with a passionfruit swirl
  • Vegan matcha with cocoa nibs
  • Vegan peanut butter with a raspberry swirl

(Not the final product names.)

Of course, our Gelato won’t contain any table sugar and will be a low-carb dessert and diabetic-friendly dessert.

Also, LOCABA’s first bread is deliciously vegan, gluten free and low-carb – and about to be launched soon! This is what a handmade prototype looked like…


Next week this year’s LOCABA Christmas Special Cake will be available for order – have a white Christmas with a white Vegan Vanilla Coconut Cake! 😉