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Seasonal Low-Carb Cakes

Here are some special creations from our wizards at the bakery for special occasions. These low-carb cakes and are seasonally available or upon request:

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βœ” No pork, no lard
βœ” Islandwide delivery $10 – and FREE from an order value of $100!

  • Christmas Special Vegan Set: Chocolate Pecan Cake + The Whole Kitchen Gluten Free Cookies

  • SOLD OUT fathers day cake 2023_2

    Father’s Day Cake 2023: Vegan Oreo-Inspired Cheesecake

  • salted caramel crumble cake2

    Vegan Salted Caramel Crumb Cake

  • SOLD OUT happy raspberry truffle 1

    Happy Raspberry Truffle Cake

  • SOLD OUT 6 slice vegan cake sampler 2

    6 Slice Vegan Cake Sampler

  • SOLD OUT valentines day 2023 cupid bento cake 2

    Valentine’s Day 2023 Heart Bento Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan coconut earl grey cake 1

    Vegan Coconut Earl Grey Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan national day 2022 black forest cake4

    Singapore National Day 2022 Special Vegan Cake

  • SOLD OUT strawberry chocolate cake 2023_3

    Strawberry Chocolate Cake


    Mother’s Day Special 2022: Vegan “Bouquet of Roses” Cake

  • vegan dark chocolate gelato2

    Vegan Dark Chocolate Gelato

  • SOLD OUT vegan pistachio mango easter cake 3

    Vegan Pistachio Mango Easter Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan apricot cheesecake6

    Vegan Apricot Cheesecake

  • SOLD OUT vegan hari raya bundle5

    Vegan Hari Raya Bundle

  • SOLD OUT vegan halloween mummy cake 2022 - 8

    Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake

  • Vegan Matcha Chestnut Cake

  • SOLD OUT tiramisu 1

    Low-Carb Tiramisu

  • SOLD OUT vegan vesak bundle 2022

    Vegan Vesak Bundle

  • SOLD OUT bento vegan carrot cake 3

    Vegan Carrot Bento Cake

  • SOLD OUT bento dark choc raspberry cake3

    Vegan Chocolate Bento Cake

  • SOLD OUT bento dark choc raspberry cake3

    Vegan Dark Choc Raspberry Bento Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan hazelnut chocolate blackberry cake3

    Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate & Blackberry Cake

  • SOLD OUT bento vegan vanilla coconut cake1

    Vegan Tiramisu Bento

  • SOLD OUT bento vegan vanilla coconut cake1

    Vegan Vanilla Coconut Bento Cake

  • vegan black forest cake3

    Vegan Black Forest Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan hazelnut cranberry jar 1

    Vegan Hazelnut Cranberry Jar

  • SOLD OUT vegan yuzu parfait jar 1

    Vegan Yuzu Parfait Jar Dessert

  • vegan tiramisu jar 4

    Vegan Tiramisu Jar Dessert

  • SOLD OUT 6 classic cake sampler 1

    6 Slice Classic Cake Sampler

  • SOLD OUT 6 sliced mixed cake sampler 1

    6 Slice Mixed Cake Sampler

  • SOLD OUT 3 slice classic cake sampler 2

    3 Slice Classic Cake Sampler (Pick-up only)

  • SOLD OUT 3 slice vegan cake sample 1

    3 Slice Vegan Cake Sampler (Pick-up only)

  • 8 inch Customised Vegan Mango Pistachio

  • SOLD OUT blueberry yoghurt 1

    Blueberry Yogurt Cake

  • SOLD OUT cny vegan blood orange chocolate cake2

    Chinese New Year Vegan Blood Orange Chocolate Cake

  • SOLD OUT chocolate dream 1

    Chocolate Dream Cake


    Christmas Vegan Vanilla Coconut Cake

  • SOLD OUT cny 2023 peanut butter cookies 4

    CNY 2023 No Sugar* Vegan Peanut “Butter” Cookies

  • SOLD OUT low carb easter cupcakes 2

    Easter Vanilla Cream Cheese Cupcakes (by the dozen)

  • SOLD OUT fathers day cake vegan salted caramel crumb7

    Father’s Day Cake 2022: Vegan Salted Caramel Crumb

  • SOLD OUT fathers day vegan matcha white chocolate cake 4

    Father’s Day Special: Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Cake

  • SOLD OUT flourless chocolate cupcakes1

    Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes

  • SOLD OUT anniversary card locaba

    Greeting Card ‘Happy Anniversary’

  • SOLD OUT safe place card1

    Greeting Card ‘Happy Birthday’

  • SOLD OUT safe place card3

    Greeting Card ‘Purple Blank’



  • SOLD OUT basque burnt cheesecake 10

    Low-Carb Basque Burnt Cheesecake

  • SOLD OUT muffins 3

    Low-Carb Muffin “Fun By The Dozen”

  • SOLD OUT earl grey vanilla mothers day cake 2021 c

    Mother’s Day 2021 Special: Earl Grey Vanilla Low-Carb Cake

  • SOLD OUT nurses day 2023 cupcake1

    Nurses Day 2023 Cupcake

  • SOLD OUT vegan hazelnut & blackberry chocolate cake 4

    SG National Day Cake 2021 Special – Vegan Hazelnut & Blackberry Chocolate Cake

  • SOLD OUT singapore vegan national day cake 10

    Singapore National Day 2023 Special Vegan Cake

  • test cake

  • SOLD OUT vanilla cupcakes 3

    Vanilla Cream Cheese Cupcakes

  • SOLD OUT vegan christmas cheesecake 5

    Vegan Christmas Cheesecake 2022

  • SOLD OUT vegan happy deepavali package6

    Vegan Happy Deepavali Package

  • SOLD OUT vegan mango chia pudding 7

    Vegan Mango Chia Pudding Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan matcha white chocolate 9

    Vegan Matcha White Chocolate Cake

  • Vegan Nutty Lah Cupcakes_Rajani

  • SOLD OUT vegan passionfruit chocolate 5

    Vegan Passionfruit Chocolate Cake


    Vegan PB & J Chocolate Jar

  • SOLD OUT vegan vanilla coconut cake2

    Vegan Vanilla Coconut Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan apple crumble jar 2

    Vegan Apple Crumble Jar

  • easter special vegan carrot cake6

    Easter Special 2022: Vegan Carrot Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan mothers day cake 2023 4

    Mother’s Day Special 2023: Vegan Matcha Chestnut Cake

  • SOLD OUT vegan bouquet nutty-lah cupcakes6

    Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Rose Bouquet

  • SOLD OUT low carb cutlery spoons2

    Low-Carb Edible Spoons

  • SOLD OUT low carb cutlery forks2

    Low-Carb Edible Forks

  • cake knife plastic

    Free Plastic Knife

  • SALE

    Newsletter Exclusive Vegan Sunflower Cookies Double Pack

  • SOLD OUT vegan gelato mini1

    Vegan Gelato Peanut Butter & Raspberry Swirl (10 Single Cups)

  • SOLD OUT vegan gelato pbj5

    Vegan Gelato Peanut Butter & Raspberry Swirl (Pint)

  • SOLD OUT gelato jar 1

    Vegan Gelato Peanut Butter & Raspberry Swirl Jar