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Low-Carb Tiramisu

(53 customer reviews)

From $78.00

Our famous Tiramisu: the Italian classic in our contemporary – yet no less incredibly delicious – low-carb interpretation.
This cake contains eggs (cage-free), dairy, almonds, walnut and some rum. If you prefer non-alcoholic version, we recommend our Vegan Tiramisu.
Best served chilled.

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Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories 291.9 kcal Protein 6.7 g
Fats 27.3 g Dietary fiber 1.9 g
Carbohydrates 3.8 g of which sugar 1.6 g

Note “carbohydrates“: LOCAR, our in-house developed sweetener blend only contains special types of carbohydrates that the body does not absorb. These carbohydrates therefore do not affect blood sugar levels and shall not be taken into account for energy supply (calories).

Note “sugar”: We do not use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to the naturally contained sugar, as for example fructose in fruit.

53 reviews for Low-Carb Tiramisu

  1. Liz K (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this cake so much. The texture is soft and creamy. For a T1D like me, no need for insulin jab when eating this. Simply love it.

  2. Liz

    Super-duper delicious. Even my hubs and children approved! For keto/low carb cakes I’ve bought so far, this is the only cake I don’t have to finish almost the whole thing myself. The family actually sat down and finished it! Thank you Locaba for the fantabulous tiramisu!

  3. Aphros

    I have some gluten sensitivity and I thought I would not be able to eat tiramisu again! This cake is heaven to me. Definitely recommend it to all my friends!
    Would it be possible to have the rum a little stronger?

  4. AC

    My good friend bought me this cake for my birthday. I LOVE IT!!
    it tasted like the normal tiramisu w/o the carb.
    Will definitely recommend this cake.

    However, he had also ordered another cake for me from here to I think it is just a normal vanilla cake …I find it was too sweet for my taste , may a little less sweetener would be perfect .

    I usually made my own cakes, this will be great for my lazy days.

  5. Belle

    Loved the taste. It will be one of the faves in Locaba. I keep on eating non- stop. =)

  6. Kelvin

    Loved the Tiramisu and felt less guilty since it’s a healthier option. Definitely one of the better tasting tiramisu I have tasted. I do miss the coffee and liquor kick though that usually comes with a tiramisu but I guess it’s a small trade off for a lovely healthier cake. Can’t wait to try other cakes from Locaba.

  7. Irene Pang

    The texture is good. Agree that for a sugar-free cake, the overall taste is great, however, the coffee and rum flavour is lacking. To me, I felt it was sweet, smooth and sufficiently creamy, but it did not taste like a Tiramisu cake.

  8. Team LOCABA

    Thank you, Francisca! This makes OUR day!

  9. Francisca Sally

    Fantastic! I thought I can never eat cakes again due to my diabetic issue. But now I found my favourite again. Thank you Locaba. You made my Day.

  10. Carmen

    Keto friendly tiramisu…. Flavor couldn’t be better. Sweet enough to celebrate without feeling guilty!!! Thank you for having nice and sweet ending options here in Singapore!

  11. Paige

    This cake is super good! My mom has been on a keto diet for a few years and after eating the tiramisu she said this is the best keto cake she has ever tried! Not too sweet! My whole fam throughly enjoyed it, highly recommend this cake.

  12. ronaldlee

    Ordered and picked up this tiramisu on election day. It is smooth and really perfect for my dad whom is diabetic.

  13. Via

    Really well received by the family. No one could tell that it is a gluten free cake. No reaction from my gluten intolerant daughter. One of our favorite cakes

  14. Andre Fan

    Not too overpowering very good taste, as a diabetic this does not spike my sugar levels. Which is great for me. Its been a long while since i had a good tiramisu.

  15. Team LOCABA

    Dear Wendy, thank you for your feedback! We don’t use any espresso liqueur. Our Tiramisu contains a little bit of Rum for the typical aromatic twist.

  16. Wendy

    Cannot taste expresso liqueur, and not moist enough, otherwise will be a perfect tiramisu!

  17. HGM

    Blown away by how delicious this is!! If I was served this blind I would have no idea it was so Low carb. Perfect for my keto diet!

  18. LowCarb-LoCaba

    Dear Angeline, thank you for your feedback! Our Tiramisu contains some rum. Or was this a special order? Thanks!

  19. Angeline Pang

    I like this one over the berry cake. But w/out the alcohol it seems lacking smethg. But i guess this was meant to keep it healthy

  20. Jennielyn Tabilin

    Love this! Perfect for low carb eating!

  21. cc

    totally understand why this tiramisu is kinda famous :))

  22. Team LOCABA

    Dear Chrispina,
    we don’t use any espresso liqueur, just coffee and an idea of rum. 😉
    (This is closer to the Italian original.) Anyway, thank you for your feedback!

  23. Chrispina Yeo

    Can’t taste expresso liqueur,otherwise will be a perfect tiramisu.

  24. danyan

    Decent TIRAMISU. After I found this website, I order one cake every week….

  25. itai

    Absolutely 100% delicious. I must confess I had my doubt, but one bite into it I was bombed-away by how delicious the cake was!

  26. eve

    heaven. period.

  27. hazel chen

    I purchased a tiramisu cake. cake part was bland. more coffee should be added to cake. overall cake is light and good.

  28. varian wong

    all diabetics (like myself) must, must try, it does NOT SPIKE blood sugar !

  29. Tom

    Friend told me it’s their famous dessert. Really delicious and light creamy!

  30. Jason

    I’ve had my share of tiramisu in my life but this is the best one… and the healthiest one as well as it seems!

  31. Sky

    I thank the Italians for this invention !!

  32. Aldric

    I did not know this Italian cake . It’s fantastic!

  33. Josiah

    Fluffy creamy yummy

  34. Giselle

    Always too small serving 😉

  35. Alex

    Best cake for a date. ;-)))

  36. Eric

    Even without the health facts — one of the best tiramisu’s ever!

  37. Kenny

    Didn’t know this cake but its terrific ! Better go for the large order LOL

  38. Jess

    Definitely my new fav dessert !

  39. Ashley

    Fluffy. Delicious.

  40. –(*-*)–

    My favourite dessert!

  41. LOCABA Team

    We don’t use any household sugar. Our main substitutes are erythritol and stevia.
    And – as always – some magic, of course. 😉

  42. LOCABA Webmaster

    Sorry, the website is brandnew! To keep up with everything in our first month online is not a piece of cake. 😉
    Thank you for your understanding. (I won’t start baking. Promise.)

  43. Darren

    its never enuff

  44. HERI

    Taste 5 stars, additional star for nutrition facts

  45. Paolo

    Meraviglioso 😉

  46. Raj

    Taste is sweet enough. What sugar substitute do they use?

  47. Denz

    Bakery is by far better than the webmaster. My last comment was >awaiting approval< for days.

  48. Lyn

    Good value for lot of money

  49. Denz

    Really decent tiramisu!

  50. Mari_0


  51. Romeo&Juliet

    We killed the tiramisu in minutes. 😛

  52. brandon5

    With a good espresso….pure heaven.

  53. Alex

    even for a spoilt foodie like me this tiramisu is a revelation ((-:

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