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Vegan Matcha Chestnut Cake

From $88.00

Packed with flavour and layers of matcha sponge cake, chestnut mousse and matcha mousse. Elegant and delightful Vegan Matcha Chestnut Cake.

Best served chilled.

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Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories 258.2 kcal Protein 4.7 g
Fats 22.2 g Dietary fiber 3.4 g
Net Carbs 7.1 g of which sugar 1.1 g

Note “carbohydrates“: LOCAR, our in-house developed sweetener blend only contains special types of carbohydrates that the body does not absorb. These carbohydrates therefore do not affect blood sugar levels and shall not be taken into account for energy supply (calories).

Note “sugar”: We do not use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to the naturally contained sugar, as for example fructose in fruit.


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