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Our berry series: sooo delicious + very low-carb + rich in proteins + fruity vitamins!

This spectacular cake has a lot more to offer than its fantastic look and delicious taste. Fresh blueberries are rich in antioxidants and have blood-sugar lowering effects. Even more so in combination with almond products and Stevia. The reduced insulin release triggered by this cake is not only diabetic-friendly but has a lot of other positive health effects. Yogurt plus gluten-free light sponge and a hint of lemon perfectly complement each other to create this light and fresh taste. See our FAQ section for more information about the health effects of our desserts. But even better: taste it!

Low-carb   No refined sugar  Diabetic friendly
  Gluten-free   Keto  Paleo


Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories226.3 kcalProtein10.4 g
Fats18.5 gDietary fiber1.9 g
Carbohydrates3.0 gof which sugar2.8 g
Bread Unit0.3

Note “carbohydrates”: We don’t define the sugar alcohol erythritol as carbohydrate as it is secreted without being metabolized at all. The energy balance doesn’t have to take it into account.
Note “sugar”: We don’t use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to naturally contained sugar in fruit and milk.
Note “grain free”: Instead of grain and especially wheat flour we mainly use coconut flour and almond flour.


  1. Carol

    Pure pleasure ! Real Yummy !

  2. Nas

    Yes, mine was a little bit on the spongy side as well, but my kids loved it nevertheless.

  3. Joyce

    The cake is healthy with gluten free sponge. I personally feel it tasted a bit over sweetened even though it used use naturally produced sugar substitute erythritol. The yoghurt filling in between the sponge cake is not enough, so it can’t balance the overall sweet taste of the cake. We all ended up enjoying the fresh blueberries topping very much.

  4. Lim

    I understand why they say it’s a bestseller. Delicious cake!

  5. robin

    blueberries looked a little bit different on my cake but taste was fantastic

  6. Stev-O

    I was confused with order process online but cake very good

  7. bday kid

    had it as birthday cake – everybode loved it!

  8. TT

    Very good.

  9. Kate

    What a beautiful cake! Love it.

  10. Joelle**

    This cake made me dance :O)

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