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Low-Carb Keto Carrot Cake

From $65.00

From $65.00

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Low-Carb Keto Carrot Cake

(18 customer reviews)

From $65.00

Light carrot and walnut sponge cake with a touch of cinnamon, wrapped in a velvety cream cheese frosting.
This cake contains dairy, eggs (cage-free), walnut and almonds.
Best served chilled.


Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories 307.1 kcal Protein 9.7 g
Fats 27.1 g Dietary fiber 1.6 g
Carbohydrates 5.0 g of which sugar 1.6 g

Note “carbohydrates“: LOCAR, our in-house developed sweetener blend only contains special types of carbohydrates that the body does not absorb. These carbohydrates therefore do not affect blood sugar levels and shall not be taken into account for energy supply (calories).

Note “sugar”: We do not use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to the naturally contained sugar, as for example fructose in fruit.

18 reviews for Low-Carb Keto Carrot Cake

  1. itai

    One of the best carrot cakes…period! Can’t wait to buy another one…and another one….:).

  2. Belle

    Taste sooo good. Well balance for the layering of sponge cake and cream cheese frosting that makes the taste nice. Very filling.

  3. Yasmine

    Thank you sooo much to make my b-boy happy! I was doubt when I ordered since this was first time and haven’t tested it before, his whole class mates and teachers are all appreciated on taste of cake! Thank you for your kind and prompt follow up too! Will definitely reorder for our next celebration 🙂

  4. Hillary

    It’s not easy to get a carrot cake that is healthy. Sponge is moist and dense. Love it very much with the generous amount of nuts. However the frosting is too sweet to everyone’s liking. I will love to order again if I can opt for less sweet frosting.

  5. Jolene Yeo

    Bought this for my aunt’s birthday as she is a huge fan of carrot cake, she absolutely loves it! Our whole family really enjoyed it! The texture of the cake is perfect, and the frosting is so tasty~ Every cake we’ve ordered from Locaba so farhas been amazing and this one is no exception. Thank you so much!

  6. Esther

    The carrot cake is fantastic. Of all the Keto cakes we’ve tried, this taste very similar in flavour and texture to a regular carrot cake. Our only suggestion is we would have loved more cake and less cream cheese frosting. Thanks, great job team!

  7. Priya

    The cake is so delicious that I had to go for second bite! Truly ketolicious! Best carrot cakes I have had!

  8. Andrea Goh

    This was so good and I ordered it for Father’s Day and it was perfect. My Dad has diabetes so we are very conscious about sweet treats (he is usually left out of enjoying cake) – but this cake was enjoyed by the whole family!!

  9. Yvonne

    Great customer service. Is a delicious cake.

  10. Val

    Received my cake on Thursday… Wanted to try for the heck of it! Finished 3/4s by the end of Friday!!
    Was just too yummm…
    Nice and creamy and it was heavy. The cake was light and not too dense… The cream cheese gave it another level of finesse…
    Thank you LoCaBa!
    Next I will order a vegan Tiramisu…

  11. Laysee

    I bought a slice of this carrot cake randomly from their daily ala carte offerings and love it so much! I went back several times hoping to buy it again but wasn’t lucky so far, I ended up ordering an entire cake! So yummy and moist it keeps really well for a week or more in the fridge too!

  12. pam_chong

    When I first discovered Locaba, it was for my nephew who had food allergies. When I developed my own gluten allergies a couple of years later, Locaba was a quality-of-life-saver! I can continue to have my desserts and enjoy them! This carrot cake is yummy!

  13. Gerald Ngui

    Enjoyed this creamy and heavy carrot cake. Nice balance. Very happy to find a carrot cake that is keto!

  14. Zoe Kng-Chow

    First order of such healthy cake and my family all like it a lot.

  15. Wilson & Huijia

    We’re returning customers for the 4th or 5th time by now – we love Locaba cakes and besides this carrot cake, we also loved that they released a sampler option! Hope they will continue to make more varieties!

  16. Venkat

    Great cake. TBH haven’t tasted a carrot cake like this before and it’s keto friendly 🙂 Very happy with the purchase

  17. Buvana Padhman (verified owner)

    Ordered this cake for two gatherings so far; beautiful presentation and tastes great. People can’t tell that it’s keto and even the skeptics went back for seconds and brought leftovers home! Perfect ratio of frosting to cake but frosting is a bit sweet for my taste.

  18. Patricia Tan (verified owner)

    This carrot cake is delicious and it meets my mom’s wheat-free diet requirement! It is not very sweet and it is filled with a generous portion of walnuts 🙂 It tastes even better than the usual carrot cake I’ve had outside. I will highly recommend this!

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