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Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake

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Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories  227.6 kcal Protein  3.9 g
Fats  17.7 g Dietary fiber  3.5 g
Carbohydrates  9.3 g of which sugar  0.4 g

Note “carbohydrates“: LOCAR, our in-house developed sweetener blend only contains special types of carbohydrates that the body does not absorb. These carbohydrates therefore do not affect blood sugar levels and shall not be taken into account for energy supply (calories).

Note “sugar”: We do not use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to the naturally contained sugar, as for example fructose in fruit.

Of course, a Halloween Cake should be fun for kids. But especially if you are planning a party, often it is hard to keep track with all the different dietary preferences. Some children are allergic to nuts, some have problems digesting gluten-containing products, and some just want to avoid that any animals are harmed during the production process of food.

Our Vegan Halloween 2022 Mummy Cake ticks all the boxes of your checklist for the perfect party treat.

It is made with LOCABA’s very special sponge innovation, containing no conventional flour and even no nuts! Avoiding conventional flours like e.g. wheat flour has more than one advantage: LOCABA desserts do not contain any gluten. These flours are also highly glycemic meaning that they are high in carbs and cause blood sugar spikes. LOCABA cakes like the Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake are strictly low-carb and are blood sugar neutral. This makes our desserts also diabetic-friendly.

And then there is the vegan topic. Apart from the health perspective of a plant-based nutrition, the sustainability aspect is beyond doubt. We can observe that especially young foodies show a massive preference towards vegetarian and vegan treats. This is relevant not only for savoury dishes but also for cakes and desserts! As you might now, there are types of gelatins made of slaughter by-products of beef or pork. Of course, LOCABA does not use those kind of gelatins.

On top of gluten-free, nut-free, low-carb, diabetic-friendly and fully plant-based, the Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake is, like all LOCABA cakes & desserts produced without adding any table sugar. That’s why it is not cariogenic (causing tooth decay) and therefore good for your teeth and your kids’ teeth.

Order our delicious 2022 Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake and choose between Singapore islandwide delivery* (free from $ 100 order) or pickup at our bakery in CT Hub to your convenience.

The overall guilt-free Vegan Halloween Mummy Cake 2022 is another delicious rich treat that will pamper your palate. Enjoy!

* Sorry but no deliveries to Jurong Island, Woodlands checkpoint, Tuas Checkpoint and areas within Tuas; also including some Pioneer industrial areas.


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