LOCABA Healthy Baked Goods

Un-guilt Your Pleasure!

We are delighted to offer our delicious low-carb, no table sugar containing and diabetic friendly cakes and desserts in Singapore!
Also if you are into gluten-free or keto nutrition, our desserts are the perfect choice. VEGAN OPTIONS!

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✔ No pork, no lard
Islandwide delivery $10 – and FREE from an order value of $100! 🎁
Please preorder online, all cakes are freshly prepared to order!

LOCABA – the home of revolutionary full body treats

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Enjoy our exquisite body and soul treats – each cake freshly baked and made by hand in our local bakery according to our signature recipes and with our in house developed calorie-free sugar LOCAR.

Everything that comes out of our low-carb bakery has a delicious taste and more than that: it guarantees a new full body experience of sweet indulgence like you have never experienced before. Promise!

Things may taste good.
But they can only TASTE AND FEEL good if they ARE good for

Why are LOCABA desserts good for you? Kindly see our Kindly see our FAQ section! No dairy, no eggs? No problem! Please see our vegan cakes and desserts – like our fantastic Chinese New Year Cake – the Vegan Blood Orange Chocolate Cake