Healthy Custom Birthday Cakes

Celebrating birthday? Why not treat yourself or a loved-one with the best custom healthy birthday cakes in Singapore that are delicious AND good for your health? Our cakes are…

Low-carb    No refined / household sugar     Diabetic friendly    Gluten-free    Keto   Paleo 
✔ Islandwide delivery $10 – and FREE from an order value of $80!

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Happy ‘n’ Healthy Birthday!

Celebrate with the best healthy birthday cakes in Singapore. We are happy to add a birthday message and candles for free.
Birthday Message: It looks best with no more than 30 characters.
Free Candles: If you want to, we prepare bigger candles for decades and smaller ones for the years. E.g. 3 big candles and 5 small candles for a 35th birthday 😉
Just add information about message and candles at checkout “Order notes“.  Thank you and HEALTHY BIRTHDAY!

Celebrate your birthday, your palate and your body!

Our LOCABA desserts have a series of positive health effects that guarantee that your birthday cake not only tastes great but also feels good! If you wish, we are happy to combine the signature LOCABA qualities (our cakes are good for your teeth and you figure) with a customized birthday cake design! Islandwide delivery in Singapore – free from 90 SGD order value!

In addition, we don’t use any household sugar for our cakes. That’s why our cakes and desserts are not cariogenic and good for your teeth. That makes LOCABA desserts and our custom birthday cakes perfect for kids!

All our products are grain-free, so there are no gluten containing ingredients in our gluten-free cakes.

You can also celebrate with our vegan cakes that do not contain any animal-derived products like milk or dairy. Even our non-vegan choices are vegetarian cakes as we don’t use any meat-based products like gelatin.

Although our philosophy at LOCBA Singapore is to keep our products low-carb and that they contain no refined sugar, our cakes can perfectly go together with a paleolitic and keto diet – they are paleo and keto cakes by nature.

Showing all 23 results