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Can I just come to your bakery and buy a cake?

Yes, for sliced cakes & jar desserts you are welcome to visit us at CT HUB 1, where we have a daily assortment available for takeaway or dine in!
For whole cakes, please order online first. As we believe in clean baking and don’t use any artificial preservatives, each cake is freshly prepared to order.
Please order online at least one day in advance (before 6pm for next day) and choose pick-up or islandwide delivery to your convenience. 

Do you sell cakes by the slice?

Yes, we have a daily assortment of sliced cakes (and jar desserts) available at our bakery. You can also order our new sliced cake packages online! And we are proud partners of Erwin’s Gastrobar where some of our desserts and also our Vegan Gelato are offered.  

What about expiry? How long can I keep a cake in the fridge? 

As our cakes do not contain any artificial preservatives, we recommend to consume our cakes within 3 days upon delivery/pickup. Please keep it chilled, of course.

Are your cakes Halal? 

Not (yet) certified Halal but we use no pork and no lard. (Even the gelatin we use is Halal certified.)
Please be aware that our Tiramisu contains some rum. (It’s the only cake containing some alcohol.) The Vegan Tiramisu is alcohol-free.