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Are LOCABA desserts suitable for diabetics?

Yes, the lower the amount of carbohydrates, the better it is for diabetics. All our products are all strictly low-carb desserts, blood sugar stable and therefore diabetic-friendly cakes and desserts.

Our Diabetic Friendly Cakes:

You call your desserts blood sugar stable. What does that mean? 

“Blood sugar stable” means that – if at all – the postprandial (2 hours after consumption) blood sugar level is never more than 20% of the initial value. Equivalent conventional desserts cause a rise of at least 50%.
Often the consumption of LOCABA desserts leads to no rise of the blood sugar level at all.
(We are talking about average values. If you measure your blood sugar, we highly appreciate if you share your experience with us!)

What is the thing with Insulin?

Of course, this is a complex topic. But to put it in a nutshell: The less carbs, the lower the insulin release. And you surely don’t want to have a lot of insulin in your system: Insulin blocks fat burning (it is a fat-storing hormone), is pro-inflammatory and even boosts tumor growth.

How can LOCABA desserts have anti-aging effects? 

Because they contain antioxidants which are well known for their positive health effects (see e.g. ) and they don’t contain pro-inflammatory ingredients like table sugar and wheat flour.

How can LOCABA desserts even contribute to diabetes prevention?

Low-carb nutrition triggers reduced insulin release. This prevents the body from establishing an insulin resistance (which is an intolerance of the body’s cells towards the endogenous insulin). Insulin resistance itself paves the way to diabetes (Type 2).
In addition, insulin resistance boosts the activation of inflammatory processes –which in turn boost the insulin resistance. A vicious circle that can be avoided.

Our Diabetic Friendly Cakes: