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LOCAR Instead of Table Sugar

Is “sugar free” always good?

No. Often artificial sweeteners like Aspartam are used instead of sucrose (household sugar), and the effects of these are discussed quite controversially. Fructose is also in widespread use in “sugar free” products but according to new scientific findings fructose has an even more harmful effect than table sugar, as it boosts insulin resistance and the development of a non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD).

All our Cakes are without table sugar:

What replacements for table sugar does LOCABA use?

We use our in house developed calorie-free sugar, LOCAR. It contains 99% less metabolized carbs than table sugar. It is calorie-free and not cariogenic – so it’s good for your and your kids’ teeth. LOCAR also does not cause blood sugar spikes, so it’s diabetic-friendly.

Do any LOCABA desserts contain table sugar?

No, all our cakes & desserts are table sugar free.

Are all products without table sugar on the market generally suitable for diabetics? 

No. Products without table sugar most likely contain considerable amount of “simple carbohydrates” like e.g. refined wheat products, rice flour, which lead to a quick rise in blood sugar levels, just like sugar.
In addition sugar substitutes may be used that are not suitable at all for diabetics – like fructose syrup, honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, rice syrup, corn syrup, date sugar and date syrup (often used in vegan products), all sugar derivatives and glucose/dextrose (also as syrups).
Most sugar alcohols like maltitol, xylitol and sorbitol should only be consumed in very small amounts because they can cause diarrhea.
Some of these sugar substitutes are highly glycemic (not low-carb) and others can favor non-alcoholic fatty liver disease due to their fructose content.

How come LOCAR tastes like sugar?

It hast this full and familiar taste, texture and mouthfeel of sugar because technically it contains real sugar (monosaccharide) – just without the utilizable carbs & calories.

What does LOCAR consist of?

LOCAR is based on a special Allulose which is new to the Singapore market and a purely plant-based raw material from sugar beets that also occurs naturally in dried figs, kiwis and raisins. We also use a special monkfruit sweetener from Blyss. It combines the all-natural fruit extract derived from the fruit pulp that contains zero carbohydrates and calories with the naturally produced sugar substitute erythritol which is also discarded without being metabolized at all.

Can I use LOCAR at home?

Yes, LOCAR will be available hopefully soon here in LOCABA’s webshop! So you can also start to healthily sugar your own desserts or coffee!

How sweet is LOCAR?

Depending on your personal taste, LOCAR might be a little less sweet than table sugar. But you can also just use more without concerns as you don’t have to worry about calories, carbs or your teeth. The only limit: we recommend a maximum daily intakt of 0.9 grams LOCAR per kilogram of your bodyweight. So a person of 40 kilograms shouldn’t eat more than 36 grams of LOCAR which equals 9 teaspoons of LOCAR.
Consuming over the recommended amount may cause unpleasant (yet harmless) digestive feedback.
And if you eat half a conventional cake with table sugar you would probably feel weird as well. 😉

All our Cakes are without refined sugar: