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What does Ketogenic Nutrition mean?

In general, a ketogenic diet is a very carbohydrate-reduced form of nutrition in which the main energy is drawn from fats. The metabolism is reprogrammed, so that carbohydrates are virtually no longer needed.
In the course of a ketogenic diet, no more than 50g of carbohydrates may be consumed in order to get into “ketosis” which means: As soon as glucose is no longer available, the liver begins to produce the ketone bodies from fatty acids, which in turn serve the body as a source of energy.
So basically you burn your fat reserves instead of carbs.

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How is a Ketogenic Diet typically composed?

An ideal distribution of nutrients during a ketogenic diet: 5% Carbs – 35% Proteins – 60% Fats.
Another guideline: the daily amount of fats consumed should be at least double the total carbohydrate and protein content.

How Keto are LOCABA desserts?

LOCABA products are so strongly carbohydrate-reduced and contain good fats that they are keto cakes and desserts by nature. They can be consumed as part of a ketogenic diet.

Our Keto friendly Cakes: