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All LOCABA cakes are vegetarian. (Also no pork, no lard, of course.) Our vegan cakes even don't contain any dairy or eggs. Still, these treats are low-carb cakes and have all the signature LOCABA qualities:

Low-carb    No refined / household sugar     Diabetic friendly    Gluten-free    Keto   Paleo 
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Vegan Cakes: No Animal-Derived Substances

Vegetarians abstain from the consumption of meat. As our cakes do not contain any meat (nor pork, nor lard), all our products are vegetarian by nature. But what's special about vegan cakes?

Vegan: No Dairy, No Eggs

To make a product vegan, you have to go a step further: Vegans not only avoid meat but refrain from consuming any animal-derived substances. That means for our bakery: To create a vegan cake, you have to create a cake without dairy and without eggs.

As the LOCABA bakery already does not use any household sugar or grain (no wheat flour) and therefore no gluten containing ingredients, it was a hard task to even avoid dairy products and eggs without compromising on taste. 

Instead of milk we use e.g. almond milk for our vegan cakes. And as in all our cakes no household sugar is added. We use a special blend of the naturally produced sugar substitute erythritol and small amounts of stevia also in our vegan cakes. Some cakes get an extra sweet touch of organic coconut blossom sugar (please see nutrition information to each cake). 

Vegan Health Effects

There is no clear international scientific conformity so far if vegan nutrition is superior e.g. to vegetarian nutrition. But preliminary clinical research seems to proof that vegan nutrition can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. As all our diabetic-friendly cakes already lower these risks, vegan cakes perfectly match our approach. 

Apart from the health effects of vegan nutrition, veganism of course supports the idea that animals are no commodities. LOCABA couldn't agree more. That's why we also use cage-free eggs only in our "regular" cakes. 

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