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LOCABA  vegan cakes contain no eggs AND no dairy products. LOCABA eggless cakes are delicious and free from any animal-derived substances!
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Eggless vs. Vegetarian vs. Vegan

Vegan is innately eggless. Eggless doesn’t necessarily mean vegan. Vegan is vegetarian as well. Vegetarian can be eggless but doesn’t have to be vegan…

If you want to confuse a waiter, these are the right terms to play with. 😉

We at LOCABA follow the most common definition for vegetarian food (it’s the one that also Wikipedia uses): Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry, seafood, and the flesh of any other animal), and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter.

Of course, all our cakes are vegetarian as they don’t contain meat or seafood. But in contrast to many conventional desserts, LOCABA cakes also don’t contain any gelatin which is produced with skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones from beef or pork. So a cakes are not automatically vegetarian just because they are not baked with meat!

Vegetarian food can contain dairy and/or eggs. (Remember? “No meat, no by-products of animal slaughter”.) For cakes that contain eggs, we at LOCABA use cage-free eggs only.

If you want to also avoid dairy, you can choose e.g. our popular Chocolate Dream Cake – it is baked with eggs but is dairy-free!

Theoretically you could also produce food that is eggless but contains dairy. Actually we at LOCABA prefer to go all the way and offer vegan cakes that by definition don’t contain any animal-derived substances. So also no eggs and no dairy. (And, of course, not to mention meat or seafood.)

LOCABA is the number one address in Singapore for cakes that are low-carb, cakes that are baked without using  household sugar, cakes that are gluten-free and cakes that are diabetic-friendly.

But we also integrate other dietary preferences in our Singapore bakery. That’s why you can have low-carb treats that are also eggless, dairy-free, and vegan.  And of course, all LOCABA cakes from our healthy bakery in Singapore are vegetarian by nature.

Eggless, dairy-free and low-carb, of course: our elegant Vegan Chinese New Year Vegan Blood Orange Chocolate Cake, this year’s special Singapore Vegan CNY Cake!