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LOCABA Proudly Presents: LOCAR


Upgrading LOCABA with Calorie-Free Sugar!

We have done a lot of R&D over the past three years to find the best and healthiest sugar substitute. And now we have found a way to integrate real sugar without changing the positive effects of our cakes and desserts – they are still all strictly low-carb cakes, diabetic-friendly cakes, gluten-free cakes and keto cakes as well as good for your teeth and you body!

How did we achieve this? We have managed to create a special calorie-free sugar: LOCAR.

LOCAR is based on a special Allulose which is a purely plant-based raw material from sugar beets that also occurs naturally in dried figs, kiwis and raisins.

LOCAR and this special Allulose are introduced to the Singaporean market exclusively by LOCABA and improves taste, texture and mouthfeel without adding any carbs or calories to your energy balance!


  • 99% less metabolized carbs than table sugar
  • Calorie-free
  • Not cariogenic – good for your and your kids’ teeth
  • No blood sugar spikes – diabetic-friendly
  • Full & familiar taste, texture and mouthfeel

Real Sugar – Unreal Carbs

How come that LOCAR tastes and feels like sugar? Because it technically contains sugar (monosaccharide). BUT the carbs and calories contained are discarded without being metabolized. So you can enjoy the taste but your body won’t store the carbs and calories.

This prevents spikes of your blood sugar level and this also has no effect on your energy balance.

LOCAR Available for Order Soon!

You will soon be able to buy our signature super-low-carb & calorie-free sweetener! Use LOCAR for your coffee or for baking at home. Full taste, 99% less metabolized carbs and it’s calorie-fre!

PS: Yes, we had to adjust prices. We still calculate strictly, our ingredients are high-end and, in the case of our Allulose, exclusively offered in the Singaporean market.

PPS: Yes, we also had to raise the minimum order for free delivery. The reason: So far, we had a promotional pricing for delivery. Which means: we paid more to the delivery service than the customers! We now want to put all our resources in our new recipes (with LOCAR) and spend all available funds in quality of ingredients as well as R&D for future products like ice cream!