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LOCABA In The News

How cool was that! Channel NewsAsia approached us for a report about the growing trend of plant-based diets in Singapore.

“More adopting vegan diets…” And although LOCABA started in 2019 with the focus on low-carb-cakes, we have become the number one location for different dietary preferences when it comes to desserts like our gluten-free cakes and of course our vegan cakes and desserts.

Enjoy our CNA TV debut! And thanks again to Channel NewsAsia for featuring us!

BTW: We had a tasting of our LOCABA Gelato prototypes. This is gonna be big. It’s fantastic. And we’ll start with vegan flavors…

Thank you & stay healthy,

blog signature markus
Markus Berndt is is a bestselling author and with his lectures and seminars he has led hundreds of interested Type 2 diabetics out of their lifestyle dead end. Markus lives in Austria and has just recently contributed to the book “MedKitchen” published by the Vienna Medical Council. Markus is (ex) type 2 diabetic and LOCABA’s mastermind.