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Last week I have been featured on TV and in one of Austria’s biggest lifestyle magazines. (As you know, I live in Austria, find out more about Markus here.) With the growing media coverage I almost feel like a celebrity. ;=)

But, of course, I am not. I am just an expert when it comes to healthy diabetic friendly nutrition! But the media interest also proves the growing general interest in the topic of healthy nutrition.

When I’m not busy in my secret kitchen with research and development, I give lectures about healthy nutrition or I write about it.

My book “The End of Diabetes Mellitus!” has been published 2015 and is a bestseller in its German edition. It describes the way out of a diabetes type 2 with the means of nutrition and lifestyle. The book, of course, is based on my own story and my success over diabetes (type 2) with low-carb nutrition and an active lifestyle.

This book is also the basis of LOCABA’s famous diabetic friendly cakes and our delicious low-carb desserts!


I am very happy to announce that “The End of Diabetes Mellitus” is now available in English through Amazon! (As my English is lagging behind my nutrition expertise, I have to rely the translators… Maybe I should add that “Ade” is an old fashioned term used in some European countries for “Farewell”.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book!

On a more “distant” note – I have also had the honor to contribute to the very special cook book “Med Kitchen” that just has been published in Austria. This book is not yet available in English yet, but I want to share this news with you nevertheless. The reason: It is an official publication by the Medical Association of Vienna. This, of course, is a great personal success for me and another proof that my nutrition approach definitely makes sense also from an academic medical point of view.

Thank you once again for your support and your great feedback in Singapore! And a heartfelt


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Markus Berndt is is a bestselling author and with his lectures and seminars he has led hundreds of interested Type 2 diabetics out of their lifestyle dead end. Markus lives in Austria and has just recently contributed to the book “MedKitchen” published by the Vienna Medical Council. Markus is (ex) type 2 diabetic and LOCABA’s mastermind.