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There Will Be Keto Bread!

I’ve been experimenting for years now with hundreds of ingredients. As you can imagine, my wife needs a lot of patience with me occupying the kitchen in order to produce new healthy and delicious bakes. But it pays off!

Not only are my low-carb cakes and desserts very well established in Singapore, I also get messages on a regular basis from diabetics and other health conscious people thanking me. It’s amazing to see that foodies who would have to typically give up on desserts for health reasons still have the opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth again. Thank you! I appreciate every single message!

Of course, I haven’t stopped experimenting. I have recently created a couple of low-carb breads that are also gluten-free like our cakes.

After months of negotiating, improving recipes, numerous tastings and arranging the production process, I have signed a deal with a big international production partner. We will be able to produce my signature baking mixes on a large scale. This, of course, also means that we will offer my low-carb/gluten-free/keto bread in Singapore soon!

But before we launch our LOCABA bread, we have another surprise for you coming up:


We are still in the process of product development but thanks to LOCAR, we will also be able to offer some delicious low-carb & diabetic friendly ice cream! A big tasting is scheduled for next week. Fingers crossed, your LOCABA Gelato will be ready to order soon! (We plan to start with the ice cream versions of our vegan cake bestsellers. So this gelato will be low-carb AND vegan.)

Apart from our new product developments, we will always stick to our mission, which is to offer the best diabetic-friendly cakes and desserts in Singapore!

Thanks again for your great feedback,
take care!

blog signature markus
Markus Berndt is is a bestselling author and with his lectures and seminars he has led hundreds of interested Type 2 diabetics out of their lifestyle dead end. Markus lives in Austria and has just recently contributed to the book “MedKitchen” published by the Vienna Medical Council. Markus is (ex) type 2 diabetic and LOCABA’s mastermind.