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8 Years without Household Sugar

What does this mean for me? Neither do I have to fight for years with increased blood sugar values, nor do I harm my own body with the sugar sweet white nutritional troublemaker!

LOCABA’s mastermind Markus Berndt (53)

It was in April 2012 when fate tried to throw me off track with a diabetes type 2 diagnosis. The doctor left no doubt: I was to be injected with insulin, be “adjusted” in a clinic, and supposedly my life would never be the same again. With threats like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and foot amputation I was intimidated. If I do not take my medicines well-behaved, the fate would overtake me in form of one (or even several) of the feared late complications, said the doc.

Well, none of this has fortunately came true, except for the fact that my life has actually changed tremendously. However, not at all in the sense of the gloomy prophecy of that doctor in charge, but only for the positive! Due to the diagnosis at that time, I have gradually changed my life and today, at the age of 53, I feel much fitter than I was 25 years ago.

(This is the reason why I started LOCABA’s diabetic friendly cakes.)

First, I changed my eating habits and shortly afterwards my physical activity. Without taking any medication I fell into a real fountain of youth and lost 13 superfluous kilos within a few weeks.

To the surprise of many friends, I have not gained a single kilo since then. Although I actually eat more than I used to and I would definitely call myself a foodie! By the way, this has nothing to do with saving calories, I personally don’t think much of calories.

Instead of chastening ourselves, dieting unnecessarily or even counting calories, we should pay more attention to WHAT KIND OF CALORIES we eat every day.

Unfortunately, some of the dietary recommendations we still receive from official sources are absolutely counterproductive for diabetics. Instead of saving calories, we should ideally take care to greatly reduce our carbohydrate consumption. (See low-carb cakes.) Because – besides sugar and fructose – it is bread & pastry, noodles, rice and potatoes, that make our blood sugar spike. This food advances the hated insulin resistance.

As long as we are still told that we should eat a lot of carbohydrates in addition to fat and protein, we will not get healthy. Good for the industry, good for business – but bad for us. Very bad.

How often have we heard that we should eat many whole grain products? Unfortunately, we forget that these too are brimming with carbohydrates. And that whole grains are not automatically healthy for diabetics. Quite the opposite, because a large part of the wholemeal products on the market also contain a considerable proportion of wheat, and this makes our blood sugar soar more than almost any other food. This is due to the fact that about 75% of the carbohydrates in wheat are in the form of amylopectin A. And this compound is unique when it comes to quickly converting carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar).

This is why wheat causes blood sugar levels to rise more than almost any other food.

If we want to get rid of excess weight and ideally reduce blood sugar at the same time, then this is an absolutely realistic goal! It is not witchcraft, quite the contrary, and ideally we can do without medication.

Let’s just forget the negative statement “diabetes type 2 is incurable”.

Lifestyle Therapy Is More Efficient Than Any Drug

At the latest since it is a well-known fact that insulin resistance is reversible, it is also obvious that diabetes (type 2) can also be “reversed”. The only real prerequisite is that the pancreas still produces enough insulin. And the good thing about it, this is exactly what can be found out in the laboratory. How? Simply have the so-called C-peptide value determined at your next blood test. Insist on this test! Even if somebody wants to convince you that this is unnecessary…

In this context: still, no drug in the world is as effective in the fight against diabetes as the so-called lifestyle therapy. But what exactly does this mean? Quite simply, a change in lifestyle. Nutrition, of course is the most important factor in this process. Because it is not genetics, which too often are blamed for our suffering – but rather it’s the fault of ourselves and our way of life.

Our degenerated eating culture, constant sitting and an associated lack of exercise as well as a permanently increased stress level sums up as a reliable recipe for civilization diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Yet, a clever and healthy form of nutrition is not only pretty easy to convert, it can be also very tasty. Ideally, you don’t notice a difference in taste to the conventional, health-endangering products. It should even taste and feel better! Because after the meal you should experience the pleasant well-being after the meal. No fatigue and a lasting saturation from dietary fibers. (This is generally our goal with our cakes without refined sugar.)

With special herbs and spices it is even possible to reduce the blood sugar even further. Some vital substances almost work like medicine – but can be substantially healthier at the same time!

I personally found my way a long time ago and I thank fate every day anew. Without this hint in the form of a type 2 diabetes, which I guess I understood very well, I would probably have continued to lead my life in the fast lane. Until I probably would have found myself in a much worse scenario. I would probably not have been able to influence the further course of this scenario as easily as I did – and still do – in the case of diabetes.

Because diabetes type 2 is not a fate that you have to accept, quite the contrary. Actually, for a long time – often unnoticed – it is a rather harmless metabolic derailment that can be brought under control again very well with personal responsibility and a few right decisions. And ideally, you will never have to worry about it again!

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Markus Berndt is is a bestselling author and with his lectures and seminars he has led hundreds of interested Type 2 diabetics out of their lifestyle dead end. Markus lives in Austria and has just recently contributed to the book “MedKitchen” published by the Vienna Medical Council. Markus is (ex) type 2 diabetic and LOCABA’s mastermind.