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LOCABA cakes are vegetarian and don’t contain any meat, of course. (Also no pork, no lard.) In contrast to many ordinary cakes LOCABA vegetarian desserts do not contain other animal based ingredients like gelatin! That’s why they are really vegetarian cakes. And all our cakes are:

Low-carb LOCAR healthily sugared Diabetic friendly Gluten-free Keto VEGETARIAN
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Vegetarian Cakes – not only no meat!

What are the requirements for vegetarian cakes? They should be delicious, of course. But above that, vegetarians abstain from the consumption of meat – not matter if it’s red meat like beef, white meat like poultry, pork (can be defined as both) or seafood. Usually vegetarianism also excludes the use of by-products of animal slaughter.

Now one could think that cakes are vegetarian by nature. Usually cakes don’t contain any meat. But many cakes contain gelatin. And this gelatin often is produced with animal based collagen – usually from pork or beef. Gelatin is obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals.

LOCABA cakes are vegetarian cakes as we don’t use no animal based gelatin. We use agar agar instead which is a natural vegan product as it derives from a type of seaweed. This has no influence on the taste whatsoever, the texture might be sometimes a little bit different to ordinary cakes that are produced with gelatin. So if you enjoy a LOCABA vegetarian cake you can be sure that no part of an animal was used to produce it, not even for an ingredient.

Animal- and diabetic-friendly

Healthwise vegetarianism has a couple of positive effects on the human body (like lowering level of cholesterol). Vegetarian diets can reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2 and can support glycemic control. This is a perfect match for LOCABA’s diabetic-friendly cakes. All our cakes are low-carb cakes and no sugar is added which avoids blood sugar spikes.

If you want to not only avoid meat or seafood but any kind of animal based protein, you are looking for vegan cakes which also don’t contain eggs or milk. By the way, if we use eggs they are cage-free eggs only. But, of course, LOCABA vegan cakes don’t contain any dairy or eggs. See also our eggless cakes.

Less carbs, more nuts!

As LOCABA cakes also don’t contain wheat flour or any other gluten containing ingredients, all LOCABA desserts are gluten-free cakes. We mainly use nut based products like ground almond or coconut flour to substitute ordinary flours. This also contributes to the fact that all LOCABA products contain good fats (from nuts) and are low-carb at the same time. That’s why you can define them as keto cakes suitable for ketogenic nutrition.

Get your vegetarian cake in Singapore: We are happy to deliver islandwide out of our healthy cake bakery for your convenience but you can also choose local pickup when ordering online. Enjoy!