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Instead of using table sugar (which is bad for your teeth and causes blood sugar peaks), we use our in house developed calorie-free sugar LOCAR! Locar Logo Low-carb  Diabetic-friendly  Gluten-free  Keto
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No Household or Refined Sugar in Our Singapore Bakery

You can find household sugar (sucrose) almost everywhere nowadays – not only in cakes and desserts, but also in spicy food! Why? Because it is a cheap flavor carrier. But there is a series of downsides to refined sugar, as you probably know. (See also our FAQ section.)

Sugar and Teeth

First, it’s cariogenic and bad for your teeth. Bacteria love sugar and while they indulge the sugar you just consumed, bacteria produces lactic and acetic acids. These acids are bad for your teeth because they harm your dental enamel.

All LOCABA cakes and desserts contain no refined sugar (no sucrose). That’s why products out of LOCABA’s Singapore healthy bakery can especially be recommended for kids to protect their teeth without ignoring their craving for sweets! That makes our desserts the perfect healthy custom birthday cakes!

Sugar And Insulin

If you consume sugar, your blood sugar level rises. The pancreas, as a reaction, triggers an insulin release. Insulin on the one hand can bring the blood sugar back down, on the other hand it’s a fattening/fat storing hormone that blocks fat burning. So sugar is not exactly good for your figure. (Insulin can, by the way, also have a pro-inflammatory and tumor growth supporting effects.)

All LOCABA cakes and desserts do not contain any refined sugar/household sugar/sucrose. Plus our bakery keeps all our desserts strictly low carb. That’s why LOCABA low-carb cakes and desserts do not trigger a massive insulin release and can contribute to prevention of obesity and diabetes (type 2).

Sugar free vs. no sugar added

Sugar is not sugar. Of course, even we can’t produce cakes that contain no sugar at all – as there is sugar in fruit and in milk. But fructose (sugar in fruit) comes together with vitamins and minerals; lactose (sugar in milk) is metabolized in a different way than refined sugar.

We do not add any refined sugar, so LOCABA cakes only contain small amounts of these said natural sugars from fruit and from milk.

Of course, this is not the case with our vegan cakes and desserts that contain no milk and no eggs, of course.

Sugar And Calories

Calories can be an important source of energy, which you need for your vital functions, for movement, for growth. So calories are not bad per se. If you want to stay in shape you should avoid “empty calories”, that means calories that do not contain any nutrients. Sugar provides you with these said empty calories. As there are no nutrients that your body could utilize, calories from sugar remain unused and make you gain weight.

LOCABA desserts contain only calories that your body can use and no “empty calories”.

In contrast to many conventional producers we don’t use any (beef or pork based) gelatin, so we offer vegetarian cakes and desserts only. If we use eggs, we use cage-free eggs only. To avoid them, please see our selection of eggless cakes and desserts or our vegan cakes and desserts – where you also find this year’s Singapore National Day Cake: the beautiful Vegan Hazelnut & Blackberry Chocolate Cake!