Healthy Custom Kids' Cakes

Good for your kids’ teeth!

LOCABA cakes and desserts do not contain any household sugar (or any refined sugar). Our cakes therefore are not cariogenic.

One of the problems with sugar: bacteria like carbs (and therefore love household sugar). When they consume sugar, the bacteria produces lactic acid and acetic acid which harms your dental enamel.

We at LOCABA do not use any household sugar. Instead we use e.g. coconut blossom sugar which – in contrast to conventional beet sugar (sucrose) – is good for your teeth!

Prevention of obesity and diabetes Type 2

Highly glycemic nutrition (e.g. with lots of carbs) pushes up the blood sugar level. The body brings the blood sugar back down but releases a fat storing hormone. So on the one hand you lower your blood sugar but on the other hand you are – at lease short-term – in a fattening process.

Another problem: if your body has to fight for a too long period against high blood sugar levels, it can become intolerant against its own blood sugar lowering measures. Roughly speaking, this is the cause for diabetes Type 2.

As all LOCABA desserts are low-carb, you can avoid blood sugar peaks with our products and therefore contribute to the prevention of obesity and diabetes Type 2. This, of course, can be especially important for kids.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Cakes

All our cakes are vegetarian cakes and contain no meat, pork, lard… also no animal based gelatin. If you want to go vegan and also avoid eggs and dairy, LOCABA’s vegan cakes and desserts are the right choice for you.

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