Halloween 2020 Special Cakes for Singapore

LOCABA has become Singapore’s first address for foodies with dietary preferences. So why not have a Halloween 2020 cake party with a healthy twist?

Low-carb No refined / household sugar Diabetic friendly Gluten-free Keto  ( Vegan)
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Halloween Cakes for Singapore 2020

Our low-carb cakes have a series of positive health effects, especially compared to conventional products.

As we keep the carb level low and don’t add any refined sugar to our cakes, these treats don’t cause blood sugar spikes. This makes them diabetic-friendly cakes. No refined sugar means that they also don’t harm your teeth which is especially good for kids!

Keeping your blood sugar under control is not only advisable for diabetics! Why? Because your body (more precise: your pancreas) answers a blood sugar spike with a spill of Insulin. This gets the blood sugar level under control but is also a fat storing hormone. So if you don’t want to gain weight you should also avoid massive Insulin spills.

How does LOCABA keep its treats low-carb? Apart from not using refined sugar, we also don’t use highly glycemic flours like wheat flour. Instead, we rely on nuts based ingredients like coconut flour or ground almond. This means we substitute carbs with good fats – which basically is the idea of ketogenic diet. Hence our cakes are suitable for this kind of nutrition and – keto cakes. Besides that without gluten containing ingredients our desserts are also gluten-free cakes.

On top of all these positive qualities we have found a way to also avoid eggs and dairy. (None of our cakes contains meat or lard or seafood or animal based gelatin anyway.) For dairy-free and eggless options please choose our vegan cakes.

For Halloween 2020 our Pastry Chef has created some scary looking delicious cake specialities. Please select from 4 different flavors including 3 vegan options!

Of course, we also offer islandwide delivery in Singapore for your convenience. Please select “delivery” at checkout and indicate the desired address, date and time for delivery.