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All our cakes and desserts are grain-free (especially wheat flour) and therefore gluten-free.Gluten Free Badge Low-carb  LOCAR healthily sugared  Diabetic-friendly  Keto
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Gluten-Free & Highly Industrialized Wheat

Why do you order gluten-free? What a lot of people feel is not symptoms of celiac disease but the intolerance towards highly industrialized wheat.

Yes, there are people whose body really can’t handle gluten. These are patients of celiac disease and make up only around 1% to 2% of the population.

Wheat flour is a challenge for your system anyway, highly industrialized wheat even more so. Especially in conventional cakes and desserts you usually find a lot of flour from highly industrialized wheat.

Our cakes are grain-free, so they are also suitable healthy custom birthday cakes for bigger parties, where maybe some guests have problems digesting gluten.

What Is Gluten?

Proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale are called gluten. Gluten has a quality that makes it very popular in food production: gluten helps food maintain its shape, it glues components of the food together. With our trademark recipes, our bakery doesn’t need any of this glue.

Rice is gluten-free but highly glycemic (which means: high carb and high impact on your blood sugar level). Think of that if you want to use rice instead of wheat.

All LOCABA low carb cakes and desserts are produced in our healthy Singapore bakery without any grain and with 100% gluten-free ingredients only and are produced in an 100% gluten-free environment. Plus: our cakes are 100% vegetarian as we don’t use (pork or beef based) gelatin.

You even can choose gluten-free AND vegan! Please check out our vegan cakes and desserts that contain neither gluten nor eggs or dairy – like this year’s Vegan Chinese NY Cake: Chinese New Year Vegan Blood Orange Chocolate Cake!