Double Your Present!

You can send a personal message with your cake and do good at the same time! We have teamed up with the “Safe Place” Initiative to offer their signature design greeting cards.

“Safe Place” empowers women and families with unsupported pregnancies to make life-giving choices. The services include case management, counselling, pre- and post-natal equipping, community networks and referrals. It is the only initiative in Singapore that provides dedicated temporary accommodation for pregnant mothers up to four months after the birth of their child.

Of course, the proceeds of this cards go straight to “Safe Place”.


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Thank you for choosing LOCABA

Your body will thank you for your choice. All our cakes are low-carb which makes them not only diabetic-friendly desserts but are also the perfect match for a healthy conscious lifestyle.

Why that? Because low-carb food does not cause blood sugar spikes. The body’s answer to these peaks is an insulin spill. This is a fat storing hormone and therefore not exactly what you want to have in massive amounts in your system if you want to stay in shape.

LOCABA avoids this effect on your blood sugar as all our cakes contain no refined sugar. Also we don’t use conventional grain flours like wheat flours. This adds to the low-carb quality and makes our cakes gluten-free on top.

Mostly the substitute for grain in our cakes is nuts. They contribute good fats. Low-carb and good fats – this makes them keto cakes, perfectly suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle.

All LOCABA cakes don’t contain any meat, lard or fish. This is the classic definition of vegetarian cakes. If you want to avoid any dairy or eggs on top, our vegan cakes are the right choice for you.

Thank you for choosing your Singapore treat from LOCABA and thank you for adding a personal message with a charity card. All proceeds from the greeting cards go straight to the Singaporean initiative “Safe Place”.