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Good Taste – Good Read!


Last week I have been featured on TV and in one of Austria’s biggest lifestyle magazines. (As you know, I live in Austria, find out more about Markus here.) With the growing media coverage I almost feel like a celebrity.…

Anti Aging Effects in Nutrition

If we extract the positive aspect of Oscar Wilde’s character of Dorian Gray, we are left with the concepts of youth and beauty. As you know, I have been dedicating myself – not entirely altruistically – to the exciting topic…

The Office Afternoon Nap


Recently I was asked by some friends from a Viennese Office Center to write a technical paper on the topic of “Fatigue After Eating” for the companies located there. I was happy to comply with this request, as it is…

8 Years without Household Sugar


What does this mean for me? Neither do I have to fight for years with increased blood sugar values, nor do I harm my own body with the sugar sweet white nutritional troublemaker! It was in April 2012 when fate…