Raspberry Mousse Cake

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Fresh raspberries with a high proportion of dietary fiber and vitamin C crown this elegant delicious white mousse cake.

This cake contains eggs (cage-free), dairy and almonds.
Best served chilled.



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Raspberry Mousse Cake

Our berry series: sooo delicious + very low-carb + rich in proteins + fruity vitamins! Fresh raspberries adorn this elegant white mousse cake. This dessert is a real treat for your eyes and for your palate. Raspberries have a high proportion of dietary fiber and are a rich source of vitamin C. This contributes to the positive health effects of this gluten-free cake, which is rich in proteins and very low-carb.

Again, this LOCABA dessert is a cake that is not only diabetic-friendly as it helps you keep your blood sugar under control. Low blood-sugar means reduced insulin release which means anti-inflammatory as well as anti-aging effects.

✔ Low-carb  ✔ No refined / household sugar   ✔  Diabetic friendly  ✔  Gluten-free  ✔  Keto  ✔ No pork, no lard

Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories 182.4 kcal Protein 8.1 g
Fats 13.7 g Dietary fiber 3.1 g
Carbohydrates 3.4 g of which sugar 3.1 g
Bread Unit 0.3


14 reviews for Raspberry Mousse Cake

  1. Maria Santibanez

    I reallly loved the presentation and the freshness. My friends couldn’t believe how good it was for being such a healthy cake! I was expecting it to be more sourish because of the raspberries, but it was yummy anyways. Presentation superb, and everybody enjoyed a nice, yummy dessert. Thank you locaba for these great cakes that help us keep on our keto track!

  2. Irene

    I am super happy with this cake. Taste-wise, it exceeded all my expectations. Texture and taste was exceptional. Smooth, creamy and delicious! Macros-wise, it ticked all the right boxes too, being low in carbs and calories. Great job, Locaba! This has become my new favourite cake!

  3. Cesar De Silva

    Paid for delivery thinking it would be handled well like the other cake online stores. The cake cream frosting melted thus 1 side drooped. I hope I can attach a photo. Sadly, I didnt see the elegance i read in prev reviews. Pls improve your packaging. Else, dont offer delivery if your cakes cant handle it. Im sure if the cake is good people will take time to go to your store instead. One positive thing is that my father can finally eat a cake suitable for diabetics. Thank you.

    • Team LOCABA

      Hello, we are very sorry for the packaging issue! Actually, we are working on new packaging already for quite a while. Nevertheless, we would like to offer a discount on your next order to prove the elegance of our cakes. We will be happy to serve your father in the future with our diabetic-friendly cakes! Thank you!

  4. Marl Berenguel

    Bought this elegant cake for my birthday. The staff was so accommodating and nice 🙂
    The cake was sooo creamy and delicious! But some of the raspberries on top are sour and dry. Overall, still okay 🙂

  5. Jesse Tay

    Very tasty and healthy cake!

  6. Carol

    Absolutely delicious. Excellent choice as I Had to satisfy the diabetic and celiac in my group. Would order it again.

  7. Averie

    Healthy & delicious cake! Especially the cream is so yummy! All of us really enjoyed this cake very much. ^^

  8. chin

    everybody writes the cake is elegant – but above all it is a real yummy! 🤣

  9. Lee

    An absolute delight. Love the cake!

  10. Gen

    Very elegant dessert to serve and taste is great, too.

  11. Miss J

    Fruity and delicious!

  12. DesMond

    Very elegant dessert for house party. :))

  13. Mai

    Almost as sweet as my puppy dog!

  14. domi

    loved the berry white thing on instagram and the cake was great too!

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Raspberry Mousse Cake



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