NEW: Low-Carb Burger Bun (10 pcs)



There are some burger buns on the market that are produced with gluten-free ingredients as well. But mostly they are produced with rice flour – which is highly glycemic. That means they cause blood sugar spikes.

Our burger bun is produced with gluten-free ingredients only but without rice flour. Based on our years-long experience with low-carb baking, this is a new innovation from our headquarters in Austria. Produced with tons of know-how but only a handful of ingredients: Almond flour, bamboo fibres, protein powder, millet, lupins, egg, curd, yeast, salt.

This bun is high in protein, high in dietary fibers and low in carbs and therefore perfect for sportspeople!

Buns come chilled, you can freeze them without quality loss.

Low-carb    No refined sugar   Diabetic friendly
  Gluten-free   Keto 

Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories211.1 kcalProtein18.9 g
Saturated fats10.9 gDietary fiber9.4 g
Carbohydrates5.5 gof which sugar1.1 g
Bread Unit0.5


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