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This cake contains eggs (cage-free), dairy and coconut.



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We have translated the iconic Southeast Asia Pandan Cake to our modern low-carb version. Enjoy the moist, smooth and creamy taste of this beautiful masterpiece. The subtle fragrance and unmistakable color come from the fresh pandan leaves blended with coconut milk. The topping consists of homemade fresh kaya. Base biscuit made with buttery roasted coconut flakes. 

Like all LOCABA cakes it does not contain any household sugar, no gluten containing ingredients (like wheat flour), no animal based gelatin and no artificial preservatives. That’s why we don’t have stock goods, all our cakes are freshly baked to order. So please order online!

✔ Low-carb  ✔ No refined / household sugar   ✔  Diabetic friendly  ✔  Gluten-free    Keto  ✔ Paleo

✔ No pork, no lard 

Nutritional Information – per 100 g
Calories146.9 kcalProtein7.9 g
Fats11.8 gDietary fiber0.3 g
Carbohydrates2.6 gof which sugar1.1 g
Bread Unit0.2

Note “carbohydrates”: We don’t define the sugar alcohol erythritol as carbohydrate as it is secreted without being metabolized at all.
The energy balance doesn’t have to take it into account.
Note “sugar”: We don’t use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to naturally contained sugar in fruit.

Customer Product Reviews:


  1. varian wong

    This pandan cake arrived today (24 Nov) @ 1:40pm. My wife and i each tried a slice each. Not surprising with LOCABA’s cakes, this cake tastes really good. The texture is velvet smooth and it’s not overly sweet. Will buy again for Christmas,

  2. Belle

    A bit gelatin type layering for the pandan taste. It would be nice if more on the sponge cake.

    • LowCarb-LoCaba

      Hi Belle, thank you for giving our Coconut Pandan Cheesecake a chance😊. We understand our cake would not be able to suit everyone’s tastebud and to their liking, but with feedbacks, we will always try to see how we can better improve our cakes flavour! We hope you’d come back and give the other cakes a chance too!

  3. Essie

    Second time ordering the pandan cheesecake and it’s even better now. More pandan flavour and holds together better now (was a bit jelly like the last time). A firm favourite in the family.

  4. Ysa

    I am diabetic and found myself getting LOW blood sugar attacks after each time I had a slice so it is truly (maybe TOO haha) diabetic-friendly! Aside from that, it was delicious with a delightful texture.

  5. Cecilia

    Hi…any egg used for the kaya toppings

    • Team LOCABA

      Hi Cecilia, the Coconut Pandan Cheesecake contains (cage-free) eggs. For eggless (and dairy-free) options please see our vegan cakes. Thank you!

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