Monster Brownie

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Our rich Monster Brownie is a delicious health angel in disguise. We’ve rebuilt the concept of brownies – great taste, no guilt.

This cake contains eggs (cage-free), dairy, almonds and coconut.
Best served chilled.



Delivery: Islandwide $10.00
Mon. to Sun.: 11:00am – 2:00pm | 2:00 – 5:00pm | 5:00 – 7:00pm

Pickup: Everyday 9am – 6pm (including Sat./Sun./Holidays).
Pickup at:
2 Kallang Ave #01-08/13 CT Hub Singapore 339407

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Monster Brownie

Perfectly chocolaty – yet containing no household sugar and low-carb with lots of antioxidants! This looks like a perfectly chocolaty brownie cake and most certainly tastes like it. (Although also this cake contains no refined sugar.) But our rich Monster Brownie is a health angel in disguise. 

Low-carb  No refined / household sugar     Diabetic friendly    Gluten-free    Keto   Paleo

No pork, no lard 

Nutritional Information – per 100 g


315.9 kcal


8.7 g


28.4 g

Dietary fiber

4.7 g


2.3 g

of which sugar

1.3 g

Bread Unit



Note “carbohydrates”: We don’t define the sugar alcohol erythritol as carbohydrate as it is secreted without being metabolized at all. The energy balance doesn’t have to take it into account.
Note “sugar”: We don’t use any household sugar, the number in the table above refers to naturally contained sugar in fruit and milk.


24 reviews for Monster Brownie

  1. Irene (verified owner)

    it was a bit dry

  2. _ jinnie _

    monstalicious 👻

  3. : m a r i o :

    love the taste , rich chocolate , nice texture

  4. Rissa

    My kids’ new favourite dessert!

  5. Nasuha

    Family treat 😉

  6. –kylie–

    rich chocolate but not too heavy.. good !

  7. Samantha

    Really good, not the best tho.

  8. isab—

    yesyesyes, my fav monster!

  9. _gen_

    brownielove <3

  10. Charmaine

    Good cake, good facts, I like.

  11. Grace

    Perfect <3

  12. Natalie

    I am a fan!

  13. wong

    tastes like good preferable for me because good facts

  14. Wilson

    Good cake delivery ontime

  15. nosugardaddy

    Yasss! We finished this monster.

  16. sofia


  17. Lynn

    would like to double-check their nutrition facts. tastes amazing.

    • LOCABA Team

      One of our first and favorite customers double checked our brownie’s effect on the blood sugar level – see here. We are happy to get your feedback, too!

  18. Kris10

    had better and cheaper brownies

  19. Ckchan

    3 rd order, 2 nd cake, no regrets.

  20. lara


  21. Lee-M

    same-same but different to other cakes :)))

  22. TimTom

    everybody liked it although it there is an unexpected sugar-like taste to it. kids didn’t care & ate tons of it. happy wife happy life.

  23. Cathy

    Super yummy chocolate

  24. Alex

    tried the brownie – it’s fantastic.
    I am diabetic and my blood sugar did not move at all!!!

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Monster Brownie



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